ESRA Webinar - Challenges and opportunities in reliability engineering: the big KID (Knowledge, Information and Data)

Webinar held 14 June 2016 'Challenges and opportunities in reliability engineering: the big KID (Knowledge, Information and Data)' by Professor Enrico Zio


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About the speaker

Enrico Zio (M'06–SM' 09) is the Director of the Chair on Systems Science and the Energetic Challenge of the Foundation Electricite' de France (EDF) at CentraleSupélec, Paris, France, full professor and President of the Alumni Association at Politecnico di Milano, adjunct professor at University of Stavanger, Norway, City University of Hong Kong, Beihang University and Wuhan University, China and Co-Director of the Center for REliability and Safety of Critical Infrastructures (CRESCI), China. His research focuses on the modeling of the failure-repair-maintenance behavior of components and complex systems, for the analysis of their reliability, maintainability, prognostics, safety, vulnerability, resilience and security characteristics, and on the development and use of Monte Carlo simulation methods, soft computing techniques and optimization heuristics. 



Today’s fast-pace evolving and digitalizing World is posing new challenges to reliability engineering. On the other hand, the continuous advancement of technical knowledge and the increasing capabilities of monitoring and computing offer opportunities for new developments in reliability engineering. In this talk, we will exchange on some of these challenges and opportunities in research and application. The underlying perspective taken stands on the belief that the knowledge, information and data (KID) available for the modeling, computations and analyses done in reliability engineering is substantially grown and continue to do so.