ESRA Webinar - What is risk?
Webinar held 17 March 2016 'What is risk?' by Professor Terje Aven


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About the speaker:

Terje Aven is Professor in Risk Analysis and Risk Management at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He has many years of experience as a risk analyst and consultant in the industry. He is the author of many books and papers in the field, covering both fundamental issues as well as practical risk analysis methods. In the last 15 years, his main research focus has been foundational issues in risk analysis and risk management, and work on the conceptualization of risk in particular. He is the Chairman of the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA) and a member of the Council of the international Society for Risk Analysis (SRA). He is also the Chairman of the Specialty Group of SRA on Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis (  



In the talk, Aven review and discuss trends in the way risk is defined and understood in a professional risk analysis context. Aven provides background and motivation for current thinking about risk, and points to some important implications for the foundation and practice of risk assessments and management. In particular, the ISO 31000 definition of risk is discussed.